Mark Hendriksen: Author

Publication date: July 2023

All Animals Poo & We Do Too‘ is an A-Z of poop, fun, humour and fascinating facts written for children and parents, with pictures by the award-winning illustrator Keenan Hopson. The first of four books on the poop and the history of the toilet, ‘All Animals Poo & We Do Too’ is endorsed by the award-winning author of Horrible Histories, Terry Deary.

The first in a series of children’s books about poop, the history of the toilet and the adventures of an alien called Taboo… about Taboos

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With a history as one of the world’s leading travel and tourism publishers, in 2010 Mark sold his company to Morris Visitor Publications in the USA making it the largest tourism publisher worldwide and now under The Tourism Media Group. He subsequently wrote and published his second, about the subject of a passion project – The ‘Guide to Old Perithia, Corfu’s Oldest Village‘ which has sold over 5500 copies to date. This historic village of Venetian origins had been neglected since tourism drove the inhabitants down to the coast. Once a hideaway from pirate attacks, it had once been the wealthiest mountain villages on the island. Since the 1960s over 85% of the properties (houses and churches) had fallen into disrepair and ruin, the surrounding land reclaimed by nature. Mark and his wife Saskia subsequently bought the village gently back to life.

Having taken on the challenge of reviving a deteriorating village, they bought and faithfully restored three properties creating the island’s first B&B and its first move towards accommodation in the ‘real Corfu’ as opposed to the majority of villas, apartments and hotels by the sea. The book was written to save Old Perithia’s history for the future and act as a self-guided tour to anyone wishing to explore the island’s past, in what is its best preserved example. ‘A Designated Area of Natural Beauty and Heritage Protected Village.’ The village, as seen on ITV’s ‘Greek Island’s with Julia Bradbury‘ and the BBC’s ‘Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens‘, as well as in numerous press and media articles, has subsequently risen to over 35% + restored or in process as of 2022 and is now one of the most popular and best known attractions. At the same time, Mark worked on a number of children’s books for other people.

Mark was involved in the early introduction of QR code reading application on mobile phones back in 2004 having acted as CEO of Upcode UK. Since then he has also mentored, helped create and publish five other children’s books since 2010, including four stories that take children on an exciting journey through the lives of leading composers. Also, four of a twelve book series about the lives of creatures, upstairs and downstairs, at a manor house. In addition to his work as a contract publisher for children’s books, magazines and flyers for a variety of clients .

The Old Perithia book has sold 5500 copies to date from a limited run of 7000 and is available to buy on etsy.

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