copyright Mark Hendriksen / Keenan Hopson

copyright Mark Hendriksen / Keenan Hopson

copyright Mark Hendriksen / Keenan Hopson

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“Taboo is a ground-breaking story that explores a subject that is too often taboo in polite society – but shouldn’t be. It’s told with wit and verve that will appeal to both young readers and their parents. Funny and factual.”

Terry Deary | Best selling Author, Horrible Histories

Apart from his interests in Tourism, Mark also writes regular articles and posts on his website about the broader subject of loos, no. 2s and topics on sanitation and solutions for the developing world.

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Publisher | Official Guide to Wimbledon AELTC, Museum
b3 Creative | Communicating with Kids

A brief history: Mark Hendriksen, set up as an Independent Publisher after selling his Travel Publishing company to Morris Visitor Publications back in 2011. You’ll still see those publications around London and the world today; The London Planner [London Guide] IN London, and the IN Magazine brand worldwide, plus WHERE Magazines & Maps, acquired while Mark was still publisher & CEO. Now jointly owned by Morris Visitor Publications and THINK | Wanderlust.

Since that time Mark was awarded the contract to publish the Official Guide to Wimbledon, Museum and Grounds, published 3 children’s books [foreword by Julian Fellowes]. He also wrote/published ‘The History and Guide to Old Perithia, ‘Corfu’s Oldest Village where he and his wife brought a near deserted mountain village back to life, and as featured in ‘Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury’ in early 2020.

“Now, thanks to the love of these guys it’s finally getting the audience it deserves. What a special, magical place!”

Julia Bradbury, ‘Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury’ ITV episode 2 | 2020

Mark is also an Associate Director at b3 Creative, a consultancy that specialises in copywriting, content and marketing aimed at children, was an advisor (and remains a shareholder) at The ABC of Opera, introducing and inspiring kids about opera, providing school workshops, a series of books with Graffeg, ‘The Academy of Barmy Composersis a series of four books.