TripAdvisor Review of Old Perithia

Thanks to the recent reviewer [AviemoreScotlandUnitedKingdom] who kindly mentioned us in their 5 star review yesterday [part of the full article follows below]:

Reviewed yesterday

I went up to Old Perithia twice, twice in the evenings, because like most drives on this island, the one up to this gem is a hairy ride (You do get used to it after a while!).

As you travel up, any passengers (Anyone not driving) can look back at the spectacular sight over the Ionian sea, in the early evening I think this view is even better. From the North of the island, you’ll pass Loutses and a few more settlements, until you reach the village.

Parking is on broken up road, dont go up here in a posh car, unless its a 4×4, because its likely to get scraped on the bottom on the last little bit going down to park, alternatively park next to the bins, reverse, so you can go Right and you’re back on the road down.

Usually there are not too many people up there. Tour buses wont get up the road, so its those that like something off the beaten track that’ll be up in the village. You’ll be thirsty on arrival but don’t worry, there’s a decent choice of restaurants, surprisingly, for a ghost town!

Explore the old buildings, enjoy the historic honey produced here, speak with Mark and Saskia, pioneers in bringing this place back to life. This is a magical place.

Not for wheelchairs or those with mobility problems, it is not a purpose built museum, there is no way this place could be adapted, it is not government sponsored.

Mark and Saskia run renovated, upmarket quirky accommodation in Old Perithia, you can book locally, or more sensibly, online before you get there.

Of all the places in Corfu, you’ll always remember Old Perithia.

The Merchant’s House B&B is also no.1 on TripAdvisor & Travellers’ Choice 2016 -2018

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