ABC of Opera Productions | Update

ABC of Opera | The Academy of Barmy Composers

  • The grant application has been sent for approval to Arts Council Wales, supported by Welsh National Opera [WNO] for an R&D period for the ABC of Opera stage show.
  • As the summer holidays kick in, we’ve now exceeded our 100+ ABC of Opera workshops and ‘Sing me a Story’ workshops for pre-school and KS1-3.
  • We have been awarded an author grant by the Welsh Books Council and a marketing grant too, via our publishers, Graffeg Ltd.
  • In the next weeks/months after Mark H negotiated a book contract with Graffeg obo Mark Llewelyn Evans, a series of our books will now e written and illustrated as we head towards the end of 2018. ‘The Academy of Barmy Composers’ [working title] is also being scripted for a stage show(s) to tie in with the book releases and should be on track for playing at theatres by late 2019, early 2020.

We’ll keep you posted…

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