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Last year I read a remarkable book by Giulia Enders, called ‘Gut’ first published in 2014. I’d picked up on it having done a sourdough baking course with the baking guru, Vanessa Kimble, and from her comments, wanted to discover more about the science, nature and importance of what is probably ‘our body’s most under-rated organ.’

One particular question caused me to hesitate, and that simple but extremely important question she asked was, ‘are we sitting properly?’ Over the next few months I researched, and worldwide patent searched, the subject in absolute detail and drew up a number of designs and ideas that clearly addressed that specific question.

Why? Because since the beginning of time, we humans were designed to squat. But, with ‘evolution,’ at a certain point in history,  the ‘throne’ was invented to provide a more upmarket seating position for royalty, and then society to use on trips to the loo. However, there were no scientists, doctors, specialists or experts who were asked, engaged, or requested to do research on the impact that such a massive shift from squatting to sitting may have had on the human body… and amazingly no one has really ever asked that question since. Well almost no one.

In fact, it has been discussed, and subsequently scientifically proven that sitting rather than squatting causes numerous potential problems, for many people, for their entire lifetime. Sanitary ware designers have come up with all sorts of new ‘luxuries’ for your loo over the years, but they primarily only prolong your stay & sitting time – and we all know for a fact, that’s definitely bad for you.

Where there are sit down loo’s (western civilisation primarily) there’s probably very few people who can squat flat on their feet any more. The natural flexibility has been lost (unless you do yoga or keep fit) and it only gets worse as people get older, as do the problems.

Back to the patents pending, and as is the way of eureka moments and inventions, research often throws up some curveballs. Mine were all positively charged… Swathes of new medical research, evidence and data that fully supported the fact that we’re just not sitting correctly. The research also showed that one company in the USA, having had a similar eureka moment a little ahead of mine, and also Giulia’s book, designed a stand alone product a few years ago to address the same problem I now sought to redress.

That company, founded in 2011 had, by 2016 sales of $17m and for 2017 hit sales of $33m. That’s a pretty good proof of concept, and well done to the founders for achieving this and for helping so many people. So what’s the difference with my patents, which I currently refer to as the ESTS [Enders Straight Tract System] or as EazyPosture?…

‘Design & Function.’ To avoid ‘toilet taboo’ or ‘loo taboo,’ and to fit seamlessly with most modern bathrooms or public conveniences, offices, hotels, hospitals etc. the list goes on, a product needs to be attractively integrated into the environment in which it sits. This is often described as ‘Design & Function’ but in this case both are of equal importance for adoption by the public.

The ‘potty’ mentioned above is on track to turn over $100m in the next few years as a ‘stand alone plastic moulded footstool’ – it’s proof positive that it works, but it’s somewhat obtrusive, even if it’s tucked away – you look like you have a problem, and it’s pretty certain you do, and that anyone who sees it in your bathroom knows you do. All very ‘non pc,’ or ‘non wc’ may be the better term.

So how about introducing an option of an attractive, aesthetic, and functional bathroom fitting that achieves the same goal, but just looks great, is easy to use, non intrusive and a massive benefit to your health & wellbeing, plus the sooner you begin to use it in your lifetime, the sooner you’ll avoid a number of potential health problems, discomfort, unpleasant operations and costly doctors or hospital bills.

I have multiple patents now pending, to provide a solution for all types & designs of toilet*. Solutions that certainly should have been recognised and implemented hundreds of years ago. The functionality of which is already proven and in use, helping millions of people worldwide. Designs that would enable sanitary ware manufacturers to not only have a genuinely new & effective accessory to sell, and a difference to their profitability, but as importantly, if not more, focus on the care, attention and wellbeing of their customers, past, present & future.

Microsoft Word - eaZyposturelogo copy.docx

The EazyPosture patents pending and  IP are managed by Intl. Trademark & Patent Attorneys: Albright IP Ltd. County House Bayshill Rd Cheltenham Gloucs GL50 3BA

*Additionally there’s also a product design for children, and a stand alone accessory for practically any style of bathroom design [website launch | late 2018.]

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