ABC of Opera Productions News

The first of a two part announcement is news that Mark H, after various meetings with Terry Deary, leading children’s book writer, actor and playwright, now has his kind support for The Academy of Barmy Composers & ABC Productions Ltd., conceived by Mark Llewelyn Evans.

We’ll be announcing more on this –  and letting you know who he is very soon… but are so delighted that he may come on board and are really look forward to the possibility of working together on this exciting project.

Also today, we’re pleased to announce that our application for an initial grant from the ACW [Arts Council of Wales] has been approved – thank you ACW! Also supported by WNO [Welsh National Opera] along with the National Children’s Orchestra, for the R&D process of the stage show.

If you are an opera fan, but also want to help children from all walks of life be introduced to opera, and to access their incredible creative potential, then do get in touch. With your support we can bring opera to thousands of children and change lives.




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