The Merchant’s House | AirBnB for 2019

When Mark & his wife Saskia restored three old heritage protected houses in the village of Old Perithia, Corfu back in 2010 we promised ourselves it was a 10 year plan, so we could get back to our kids and family. In that time we not only established the first real b&b on the island, and first in a mountain village, but also wanted to gently bring this deserted village back to life.

Since that time the village has risen from 12-15% restored or in process, to over 33% restored today, some infrastructure has been incorporated by this Anglo-Dutch couple and as an attraction it’s gone from nowhere on TripAdvisor to frequently appearing in the top 30 places to see. The B&B itself has won many accolades, appeared in many press articles and been a frequent winner of the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award and again in 2018 – that’s the top 1% of b&b’s in the world…

There’s a whole lot more to the story, and the b&b + a beautiful piece of land, next to the iconic Skordilis Mansions, are now waiting patiently for the next enthusiastic buyer to further evolve the village and continue to return it to a working village as it was less than a century ago. Meanwhile, for 2019 Mark & Saskia are making the b&b available via AirBnB – so you effectively get a 4/5* hotel at AirBnB prices and the accommodation, and practically the whole village to yourself 4pm – 10am every day of the week, outside of the day trippers visits.

The House sleeps 8, in 4 individual suites + has a breakfast/guest room & use of the main kitchen, private garden and access to the 5 tavernas in Old Perithia. To book or find out more click here!

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