WNO | Welsh National Opera ABC R&D

ABC of Opera Productions are presenting a 15 minute R&D piece at WNO tomorrow, ahead of the play writing in 2019. Supported by Arts Council Wales, this forms part of the remit for our initial grant. From then on we’re hoping to be on track for a second grant application and/or investment to bring the stage show a step nearer to reality. We are fortunate to have Leo Thomson [Managing Director at WNO] and her great team in attendance to watch the session, and from the positive reactions to date, this looks like it’s set to break new ground. [Leo tweeted a very complimentary comment soon after.]

Meanwhile, Graffeg (Mark H having negotiated the contract) are now left to get on with working on the first book in the four part series of, ‘The Academy of Barmy Composers’ which are currently being co written by Mark Llewelyn Evans and Lorraine King, illustrations by the hugely talented Karl Davies.  Starting with Baroque and then covering Classical, Romantic and Modern – so it will be interesting to see how that shapes up in the next couple of weeks as two previously unpublished writers try their hand at putting together the four stories in rapid speed. Book one is due for publication in Feb 2019.

Mark H having got the charming Terry Deary [Horrible Histories] on board and introduced him to Mark Llewelyn Evans, is hoping Terry will be helping with the stage show script as we move into 2019, given his hectic schedule, we’re extremely grateful for that.

More follows as it evolves. Watch this space!

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