Posture in the bathroom. The Guardian and the question of sit or squat.

Helping sanitary ware manufacturers to improve their bottom line or millions of people to save their bottoms?

If, as seems evident and is well documented, a change in posture can, and does, make a difference when you use the loo, then it’s time to ditch the idea of a plastic footrest which simply cannot go mainstream and help enough people. It’s time for the manufacturers to integrate an attractive bathroom accessory that blends seamlessly with any surrounding and offers a lifetime of health benefits for less than a 1 month gym membership .

We’ve got the patents pending for just such a range of products – and we’re out there looking for a licensee to capitalise on the opportunity and help millions of people with their health and wellbeing, from potty training to adulthood, and that’s not all that it can do to improve peoples lifestyles – interested in talking to us?

British Patent Application No. GB 1811698.7 Albright IP | Mark Hendriksen 2018

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