Every week we’ll be highlighting or writing about the best or most fascinating articles from around the world and reviewing what’s going down – obviously with a huge number of puns but also looking at the serious questions and answers too!

  1. A professor’s toilet humour is teaching something important for all Aussie kids
  2. LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House has another toilet!
  3. Squat toilets could be coming to Cambridge [UK] to cope with the amount of tourists
  4. Cool Jobs: Poop investigators!
  5. Using your phone on the toilet is giving you piles
  6. ‘Flushable’ wipes aren’t flushable, and they’re causing thousands of dollars in damage

No. 1 Meanwhile we’re still working on getting our books 1 & 2 on the subject published, with book 3 now in the pipeline (currently stuck somewhere around the u-bend!)

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