‘The Daily Poo!’ Six of the best articles from the past few weeks…

Every week we’ll be highlighting or writing about the best or most fascinating articles from around the world and reviewing what’s going down – obviously with a huge number of puns but also looking at the serious questions and answers too!

  1. A professor’s toilet humour is teaching something important for all Aussie kids
  2. LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House has another toilet!
  3. Squat toilets could be coming to Cambridge [UK] to cope with the amount of tourists
  4. Cool Jobs: Poop investigators!
  5. Using your phone on the toilet is giving you piles
  6. ‘Flushable’ wipes aren’t flushable, and they’re causing thousands of dollars in damage

No. 1 Meanwhile we’re still working on getting our books 1 & 2 on the subject published, with book 3 now in the pipeline (currently stuck somewhere around the u-bend!)

No. 2 We also have some health saving patents pending too. Interested in No. 1 or No. 2? Contact: jon@jonfowlermedia.com

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not to be reproduced in any form or media without express permission of the author

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