‘The Daily Poo!’ Back from Bali…

Wipe or Wash, Sit & Squat…

Slightly later than usual, but just back from Bali – and spotted another sign there that may be of interest [see above]. Once again, here’s a round up of the ‘latest news on poos and loos’. In the coming weeks there’s going to be a format change which will still include links to what’s been happening, but we’ll also pick a specific weekly subject to focus on.

Following on from last week, westerners tend to take toilet paper and ‘the wipe’ as the only way to clean up the mess – kinda ‘swipe right‘ for the most attractive way to clean your bum!? Fact is, that’s not how every country around the world sees it. Look at the above photo with it’s do’s (boom’tish) and dont’s and you’ll see that it’s quite common to find a shower attachment next to the toilet (wash not wipe) and also as it’s so common to squat – the request is not to perch on the toilet seat and squat, but to simply sit on the seat and go from there… I do like the request that you do not pee on the floor too – we’ll discuss that further in another post! Oh, and we’ll also discuss why and where you shouldn’t put anything down the loo, in some cases even toilet paper!

Here’s our top 6 articles from the past week or so…

1. Keep your hands dry and free of poo particles with Dyson’s new bathroom dryer.

2. Campaign outlines do’s and don’ts of toilet flushing – what not to flush down the loo!

3. A pioneering West Australian farmer is combining cattle manure, exotic dung beetles, and biochar to help combat the effects of climate change as well as tackling soil health issues.

4. Funny Loo adverts [no. 1.] “Want Your Poop To Smell Gorg?!” Jonathan Van Ness x PooPourri.

5. Funny Loo adverts [no. 2.] The Squatty Potty, from 2015. Like the idea of the squat – well that’s what my designs [patent pending] are hoping to make commonplace in every bathroom. Come on investors, roll out the money!!

6. Facial, or is it faecal, recognition!? In China, AI is now used to stop toilet paper theft…

Interestingly, as per the dung beetle story above, there’s an environmentalist fish that’s helping the oceans too…

If you give a crap about your health, the environment and what’s happening in the world’s smallest room – check out next weeks post on ‘The Daily Poo!

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