‘The Daily Poo!’ This week’s dirty dozen on the world of WC’s and no. 2’s. Focus on Health & Hygiene…

Bathroom Etiquette | What’s wrong with this Picture?

Why it’s so important to discuss your no. 1’s & 2’s and why bathroom etiquette is essential for healthy living. What lies within, and around your bathroom?…

Just before we start, here’s an update on my a recent reaction from a publisher re taking on my books on poop, animals, the history of the toilet etc. This has to be the best [most unusual] reply ever, and I quote, “We love a bit of poo, but not a whole book of it (strange sentence to type!)” That was inspired… and appreciate the response – at least they’re all having fun reading it! 😉

Did you know you ought to flush the loo with the seat down? Well that’s just one of the things we ought to be considering when visiting the bathroom, and here are a few more on health & hygiene… The Dirty Dozen.

1. Things you may not be doing right in your bathroom. Bathroom etiquette is essential for a healthy living.

2. Not Washing Your Hands After You Poop Is More Dangerous Than Eating Raw Meat – Here’s Why…

3. Overusing Your Phone in the Bathroom May Cause Hemorrhoids, Doctors Advise Faster Wi-Fi, [My advice – get in, get it done, get out – speed is of the essence for better health!] 

4. Poop, pee and the WC

5. Is your poop trying to tell you something? Take a closer look… 

6. What causes people to poop right after eating? 

7. Why’s and wherefores of a bidet!

8. Let’s break up these articles with this question… do you ever change the toilet roll around the other way at other peoples houses?

9. The world’s first poop database needs your help. 

10. In the future, (from poo) we should be able to prevent certain diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, cancers and Type 2 diabetes.

11. Talking Toilet Paper … but missing the point that it may suit your butt, but the big butt is… it’s not environmentally friendly!! 

12. and… a couple of amusing articles to finish up with. Russian Poolette & A visit to Poop Palace New York… you’ll be enchanted!

Next week we’ll look at western toilet habits vs the rest of the world + how we go, what we go on, cleaning up, and the latest tech news and products for your bathroom and bottoms.

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