‘The Daily Poo!’ Latest news and views from the world of loos & no. 2s.

The Pooseum, owned and created by Karin Koch

As promised we’re back to the usual mix of fun, facts and fascinating goings on, in or on the john. It’s out a bit early as Mark has time on his hands while staying in a B&B in Old Perithia, Corfu, Greece. On which subject, travellers to Greece please note ‘toilet paper in the bin next to the loo, not in the loo please!’ Last week it seemed that some people were being a bit shitty about a new sign for the Pooseum (down under in Oz). But, as we’re in the process of getting ‘The A-Z of Poo and Animals too!‘ published we’re definitely on the side of the Poomuseum, also dedicated to all things poo and animals too. See photo above & museum link here! Surely, talking poo is not taboo!? Here’s a sample double page spread from the upcoming book… ssshhhhh!

From ‘The A-Z of Poo & Animals Too!’ copyright 2019 Mark Hendriksen | Jon Fowler Media UK

On the subject of learning about animals and their poop, here’s a new dog breed that’s called a Shih-Poo, basically it’s a Shih-Tzu Poodle mix! Okay, back to the matters in hand… let’s look at health issues that we all ought to be aware of in the toilet/ablutions dept. and some of the best articles of the last week or so in this week’s edition of ‘The Daily Poo!’

  1. Toilet talk: Is your poo normal? 
  2. What causes poop to float? It’s not just extra air by the way!
  3. ‘How to poop in front of your boyfriend’ is not an everyday question, but here’s the answer.
  4. Marijuana really helps you poop, according to science!
  5. Bowel Cancer symptoms… worth knowing!
  6. 9 Things your farts are trying to tell you… Farts

We talked about Mr. Toilet, The World’s #2 Man – what other films and shows have there been prior to this latest release…

  1. An Inconvenient Poop
  2. Shawn Shafner of The Poop Project with stand up (or sit down?!) comedy.
  3. 2015 Deep inside an airport restroom, an automatic flush toilet triggers the rage of a self-centred business traveler… ‘Flush.‘ On which subject The USA’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is leveraging innovative technology to provide passengers with a more enjoyable toilet experience. Article from Passenger Terminal Today.
  4. Plus, here’s the other Flush film/doc to check out too, via Poop Project!

Last but not least, poop is powering more and more products and premises, here’s the latest list:

  1. In future could BMW electric cars will be powered by cow poop, ie. BMW with Big Moos Waste?!
  2. Oshawa Power is helping turn zoo poop into electricity
  3. Big Companies Bet On Cleaner Power From Pig Poop Ponds.
  4. There’s more to sanitation than just poop, as sanitation-derived briquettes can deliver the same fuel value as charcoal.
  5. Philippine students turn littered dog poo into bricks… now that’s the real meaning of a brick shit house!?

Guess that’s more than enough news for this week. Next week the Christmas ‘Poos Quiz’ and more faecesnating facts from the world of poop, wc’s and sanitation in, ‘The Daily Poo!’ www.thedailypoo.co.uk – dedicated website on its way soon!

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