‘The Daily Poo!’ Latest news on loos & #2s & as promised… The Xmas PoosQuiz…

As promised after the usual weekly heads up on the bottoms down, we’ll do a short Christmas PoosQuiz to test your knowledge on toilets, fact or fiction & what you may, or may not know about ablutions, health & hygiene…

We’ll show just 6 highlights from the past week or so – below, followed by 12 PooQuiz Questions, with a measure of your success at the end.

  1. A footstool that lets you do more than an easy poop [though, truth is you shouldn’t be taking so long to get your no. 2s done!]
  2. As mentioned in my ‘A-Z of Poo & Animals too’, avoid getting egg on your face, but what about poo – The secret of eternal youth?
  3. Are you a morning, midday, evening or midnight pooper – and what’s the best time to go?!
  4. Talking shit – a couple from Toronto jump through that taboo.
  5. Nasa and the challenges of, yep you guessed it, #2s in space… These trousers could hold the answer (and your poop :))
  6. It’s been in the news a lot the past week or so, and although we don’t usually do doggie doos but here’s a bot to clean up their bot drops!… This robot poop scooper may be one for your Christmas list…

Onto The PoosQuiz. Simply choose an answer a, b or c and keep a note. Then we’ll let you know how you did at the end. Guess some smart arses will get 12/12, but whatever the score, you’ll know that much more.

  1. When the toilet roll holder was invented and patented back in 1891, was the way to hang your toilet roll? a. Outward, b. Inward, or c. There was no specific position shown in the patent.
  2. If you read the above ‘Daily Poo!’ article about ‘staying young’ then what poop is used as a facial? a. Badgers, b. Nightingales or c. Wombats.
  3. It’s a pretty common question, and now many people know the answer, but who is credited with inventing the first flush toilet? a. Thomas Crapper, b. Stephen Jobs or c. Sir John Harrington.
  4. Which country is generally credited with the first ever toilet paper? a. China, b. Russia or c. The USA.
  5. On average what percentage of your poop is water? a. 35%, b. 50% or c. 75%
  6. The average speed of a fart is? a. 9km per hour [5.5mph], b. 18km per hour [11mph] or c. 180km per hour [110mph].
  7. The World Record for the longest pee is? a. 2 minutes, b. 5 minutes or c. more than 8 minutes.
  8. Which animal does the World’s largest poop? a. Hippopotamus b. Blue Whale or c. Elephant.
  9. What was the longest human poop ever recorded? a. 7.92 metres [26 feet], b. .68 metres [2 feet] or c. 1.83 metres [6 feet].
  10. Because opiates are released during the sloths toilet time, they actually do a ‘poo dance’ and get high, but how often do they shimmy down the tree to do a no. 2? a. every day, b. every 7 days or c. every 2 weeks.
  11. Which of these British place names is real? a. Scratchy Bottom, b. Farton in the Beans or c. Loose Buttocks.
  12. At Christmas, what’s the vegetable that’s most likely to make you fart? a. Brussel Sprouts, b. Parsnips c. Cabbage or d. Cauliflower.

and the answers are1. a. It’s outward, so let the controversy begin! 🙂 2. b. Nightingales’ [the Japanese bush warbler] poop has been used in Japan for centuries as a facial to keep you looking younger. 3. c. Sir John Harrington, although many people associate Thomas Crapper with the invention, but they’re talking crap[err!?] 4. a. China, although interestingly many Chinese prefer to squat [wash] than sit [wipe], although sitting is growing in popularity. 5. c. 75% is water, but then our bodies are made up of so much water – so it makes sense. 6. a. You may have been thinking you could elevate a duvet with your high speed wind, but it’s actually 9km per hour [5.5mph]. 7. c. It is 8.5 minutes, that’s really taking the piss. 8. b. The Blue Whale, though the other two drop quite a load as well! 9. a. OMG yes even my eyes were watering after learning that extraordinary fact. 10. b. Sloths come down to earth every 7 days to do a poop and an enchanting poop dance, you can even see them smiling – as that’s quite a weight of their minds/behinds. 11. a. It’s Scratchy Bottom which is in Dorset, although there is a Barton in the Beans and a Loose Bottom. 12. b. Parsnips take pole position (a wee Christmas joke for you:)) followed by Brussel sprouts and then cabbage.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, we’ll be back in the New Year, kicking off with blog one of ‘The Daily Poo!’ 2020…

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