‘The Daily Poo!’ Is this tilted toilet really an evil corporate plot to take away your Twitter time?

As it’s our hot topic at ‘The Daily Poo!’ couldn’t resist referring to this recent news article ‘Is this tilted toilet really an evil corporate plot to take away your Twitter time?’ by Lloyd Alter – and adding our comment.

The toilet tilts down, but the question is raised! ‘To sit or squat?’

Over the past 2 years Mark Hendriksen has managed to get patents pending on various designs to aesthetically resolve the issue (or option) to take up a squatting angle whilst using either wall or floor mounted toilets. The designs are proven to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people. Unfortunately, in relation to reading the above article, he’s been unable to find Mahabir Gill [and the Standard Toilet website seems unreachable too] as we’d love to discuss this with Mr Gill. Especially as manufacturers invariably seem more interested in the ‘bottom line’ than ‘your bottom’ – and the well documented benefits of squatting rather than sitting per sae.

Apart from that Mark has two books written and awaiting publication on poop and toilets + do a weekly blog on the subject incl., sanitary ware, plus health and hygiene globally as it’s a huge area that needs support worldwide. Fortunately the likes of Jack Sim ‘Mr Toilet’ and the Bill Gates Foundation, to name but two, are working tirelessly to address these problems. Meanwhile, we were all designed to squat – the sit down (initiated by the Sumarians thousands of years ago) was designed at a time when no one would have thought to scientifically or medically prove it was correct ‘to alter human design for pooping from a squat to a sit’. In fact, it’s been ignored ever since!

Also regarding the question of how long you should spend on the loo (they’re both connected interestingly enough.) Only in the past few years has the question been raised – and so far, the verdict is very much on favour of the squat, ideally whilst seated (patent pending) – oh, and then there’s the question… ‘To wash or to wipe?’ No, that’s not a quote from Shakespeare, but more on that another time 🙂 Happy Christmas one and all!

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