‘The Daily Poo!’ What they didn’t teach us in Potty Training + The latest news on loos and #2s!

Loved seeing these over Christmas ‘Aesop Post-Poo Drops’. Particularly good example of translation to French, ‘Gouttes Anti-Odeur de Merde!’.

Talking about cover ups… When it comes to environmental issues, there are some pretty hot topics out there that need addressing, and we totally support those. But, one major environmental issue that simply isn’t getting enough press, discussion and action taken, is that age old taboo – the loo!

Let’s take one example, that refers to what we’re not taught in the early stages of life, ie Potty time … that what goes in the potty, the 3Ps, pee, poop and paper – are all that should go into the (potty) and therefore the toilet, from then on for the rest of our lives. Okay we all make the odd mistake, but this is a serious matter and I suspect you and your children would pay more attention if they knew what Peppa Pig had to go through recently… Yep, this is a classic Poo-Dunnit? Two small Peppa Pigs headed off on a journey, having been shoved down a toilet, and travelled through the sewer system [yuk] only to end up in a Fatberg, along with wet wipes, oil and fat and all sorts of other nasties that should never have been put in the loo in the first place! Nobody expected the 3Ps to become 5Ps, pee, poop, paper & Peppa Pig!? By the way, last year Lego Heads were subjected to a similar fate in an experiment to see how fast they passed through the human body and ended up in the poop!

Well, hopefully you see our point here. We have two things to address, one is protecting, respecting and managing our sewage systems and the other, is the crisis that’s looming by lack of proper care and attention to the importance of the sewerage systems, to ensure our and our planet’s health and wellbeing. Links to relevant articles listed below.

  1. Peppa Pig adds 2Ps to the 3Ps toilet rule!
  2. Fatbergs, and the impact of disposing of anything other than pee, poop & paper in the pan.
  3. The’ Unflushables’ and a campaign to protect sewage pipes and the environment.
  4. Better sewage treatment critical for human health and ecosystems!
  5. Fart Tanks could turn poop into clean energy!

Finally for now, though we’ll talk more about this in the next blog, is that apart from the concerns about sanitation in places like the UK, USA (see 1. – 5.below) and other key locations incl. South Africa and India. The poorer countries and/or swathes of their populations still have no access to proper sanitation and hygiene at all! Did you know, 40% of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to toilets! More on that particular topic next week. Meanwhile here are a few examples of what’s happening (or rather isn’t happening) as the problems of human waste and sewage grow.

  1. The Streets of San Francisco… an episode you may not have seen, ‘How to fix San Francisco’s poop problem.’
  2. To find out more about the crisis facing global sewage management, look at South Africa’s sewage system collapse, which is a ‘time bomb’ and a world wake up call.
  3. Lack of maintenance of public facilities is especially clear in large metropolitan areas, such as New York City…
  4. Ten things you may not know about the London Sewer System.
  5. London’s super sewer won’t solve the city’s epic poop problem!

Finally as we leave Christmas behind and head into the new year, the roaring 20s… let’s just take one last look back at some of the more ‘Curious Christmas traditions‘, the link includes that Catalonian one we mentioned ahead of Christmas – the log that poops out presents… We’ll be back with more from ‘The Daily Poo!’ next week. Happy New Year!

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