The next chapter for my old publishing company as Wanderlust teams up with Morris Visitor Publications…

The recent Press Release announces the merger of Morris Visitor Publications Europe with Wanderlust Publications Ltd. The enlarged company will be renamed Think Travel and will be jointly owned by Think Publishing Ltd and Morris Communications. Think Travel Brands. The combined company will comprise:
• Wanderlust Travel Media
• Where London
• London Planner
• Where Paris
• Think Travel Intelligence
• Think Travel Content Marketing
• IN London

Back in 2001 Morris Communications acquired my independent publishers and the titles, The London Guide, the be IN series [the first travel guides to combine luxury brands and tourism] and the BEST of Britain, subsequently rebranding be IN as IN London, IN NY, IN Paris etc. The London Guide merged to become The London Planner. They then went on to buy WHERE 2 years after and I stepped down as CEO & Publisher in 2003. Many of the original team remained, a few have joined Wanderlust for the new joint venture and we wish them all every success!

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