A big run on toilet paper was last experienced in 1973! Is it any more than just another rumour today that’s causing this ‘bums rush’?!

In December 1973 Johnny Carson was rumoured to have inadvertently caused a run on toilet paper after making a joke on The Tonight Show.
Today, (though not quite sure where the recent rumours have come from) according to industry experts there is no supply problem, i.e. no more need to stock up on toilet paper than there was back in 1973 when a rumour started unravelling, like an unchecked roll of loo paper…
The most likely outcome for people that go and bulk buy extra packs will be that in time they’ll look in their cupboards and reflect on why they’ve got 120 rolls of toilet paper in the house!?

On Wednesday the Australian toilet paper company ‘Who Gives a Crap’ announced it had completely sold out of stock. In a press release with the headline ‘holy crap’ the company said the panic buying madness had exhausted supplies. Also, we mentioned in the last post that there is always the bidet option, more wash than wipe and therefore less toilet paper? But reading an article in the FT today by Leo Lewis shows us an example of just how peculiar the reaction is becoming, when it isn’t a problem had people kept calm and stopped this bums rush on toilet tissue! ‘Coronavirus forces Japan to rethink its view of toilet roll.

Further news, after our suggestion that ‘bidets’ were a great alternative, is now making headlines [we do try to be ahead of the curve with these things!:)] as sales of ‘bum guns’ in Oz skyrocket by 350% in 7 days . Jessica Dunne from 10 Daily News just posted this article… ‘Bidet Mate: Aussies Are Searching For ‘Bum Guns’ And Other Ways To Wipe.

As a side note… with the upcoming James Bond movie – at 2hrs and 43 minutes, it could potentially be ‘No Time to Pee’? Addendum: As it’s now been rescheduled for November 2020 you’ll have to hang on even longer…

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