This ‘PoosFlash’ is about the ‘Goose Poop Machine’ that cleans up, err Goose Poop!

Here at ‘The Daily Poo!‘ we usually focus on news about toilets and no 2s for humanity, but once in a while some article pops up that simply has to be shared… here it is (and there’s a video o the link too!)

You may be astonished to hear, unless you’re a Canadian of course, that ‘just one goose can consume up to four pounds of grass per day and deposit about three pounds of faecal matter daily.’ So whilst the ‘fly past’ is a sight to behold, it’s a big problem if they take a break and land in your park, school playing field, or golf course for example. Tim Collins of Victoria News walks us through the poop and how the ‘Goose Poop Machine‘ is out in the fields tackling the problem.

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