‘The Daily Poo!’ News and views on the world of loos & no. 2s … now on Fridays

Squat or Sit? ‘The Daily Poo!’ [copyright HendriksenPublishing 2019]

Today we look back at the news from the past week as we move the weekly post from Monday to Friday . Many articles cover topics we’ve been discussing for a while now, and/or as we see them going more centre stage. Others, are the usual interests, advice and observations on the world of poos & no 2s. We’re working on a greater frequency of posts via social media as ‘The Daily Poo!’ is a weekly edition at present, and we’ll then be able to keep you updated on the news ‘in the moment’ as we’d like it to be in the moment for you too. Watch this space and anytime you want to get in touch email us: chat@thedailypoo.co.uk

  1. How Bird Poop played a part in the origins of the genetic alphabet. The letters that are the initials of the four nucleotide chemicals that make up DNA: adenine, cytosine, thymine and guanine. Listen to the podcast by Kat Arney of the Genetic Literacy Project.
  2. Following on from our ‘Poosflash‘ about the machine that gathers up goose mess, there’s a bot, that cleans out what comes out of the bot of dogs the Beetl ‘A Robot That Will Roll Through Your Yard and Pick up Any Dog Poop.’ from House Beautiful, article by Kelly Corbett. Of course if you have a K9 then you won’t need a bot to clean up as it’s got no bot in the first place, we digress…
  3. Interestingly, we’ve also been highlighting the fact for some time now about how squat vs sit relates very closely to the patents pending we have for improved bathroom [wc] accessories to improve health and wellbeing. So delighted to read this article by Liam Mannix in The Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Hunter-gatherers don’t sit like us. That could hold health benefits.’ This is obviously quite a hot topic, as the same articles appeared to pop up in the New York Times, and by Serena Gordon in U.S News, ‘Squat, Don’t Sit: Study of African Tribe Shows Why One Position Is Healthier.Read more about the effects of sitting too much with advice from the Mayo Clinic.
  4. We pondered and proposed the potential reusable washable cloth for your toilet time as a new alternative to toilet paper choice, be it traditional or more ‘eco-friendly’, or even the bidet/shower options, so great to read the following article by Lucy Siegle in the Guardian, ‘On a roll: is Britain ready for reusable toilet paper?… as coronavirus fears have led to a run on loo paper as shoppers stockpile. But are fabric, washable cloths a sustainable alternative?‘ A question that doesn’t just apply to the UK either… we’d love your feedback.
  5. Whilst we talk poop and loos every week… with all that’s happening right now, it seems to be on everybody’s lips (sorry about that :)) so, this article from CNN by Scottie Andrew is totally on topic! ‘The psychology behind why toilet paper, of all things, is the latest coronavirus panic buy.
  6. We suggested ay back that bidets and wash were a good alternative to the wipe, so glad to see Forbes writing a similar piece of advise and education by Sheri Koones ‘For Those Who Can’t Find Toilet Paper, There’s The Shower-Toilet.
  7. Other more natural alternatives to toilet paper? Time to turn over a new leaf! ’10 Daily’s’ Warwick Holt looks at ‘The Best Leaves To Use Instead Of Toilet Paper.’
  8. In our second book for children we ran through a history of poop, loos and hygiene. Here BBC History precis the story of toilet paper, ‘When was toilet paper invented and what did people use before?’ though I don’t personally feel linking it to coronavirus is necessary for this article by Jonny Wilkes!
  9. Another of our past topics, faecal transplants, seems to have moved onto to now including payment for your poop, proving the old phrase ‘where there’s muck there’s brass’ is absolutely correct and you can improve your own bottom line, via your bottom! Vishal Tewari writes for Republic, ‘A stool bank in Australia, BiomeBank, has become the first public stool bank to pay $25 to people who donate their poo.
  10. On the subject of poop, awks topic maybe but worth knowing! ‘Yes, Runner’s Poop Is a Thing – Here’s How to Deal With It‘ by Angela Anagnost-Repke for SheKnows.

With Easter approaching there may be some time for a family game, what better than Hasbro’s ‘Don’t Step in It! Unicorn Edition.’ Question is… Did a unicorn visit your house? Available exclusively on Amazon. To end with this is literally a ‘toilet paper grab’, well grabber, for those of you who have been to arcades and fairgrounds this was brilliant, funny and novel idea that hit the headlines this week, ‘A UK arcade has replaced the toys in its grabber machines with toilet paper and hand sanitizer‘ in BusinessInsider. Let’s be careful out there in the days ahead, until next Friday’s edition of ‘The Daily Poo!

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