Heard about the toilet paper calculator? The latest news and views on loos & no. 2s from ‘The Daily Poo!’

copyright photo by Muhammad Ali / KAUST

There’s been so much publicity about the need to STOP panic buying toilet paper, and most everything else for that matter – as it’s not necessary. But, to emphasize what you need vs what you may have bought or think you need, check out this new app GotPaper? It’s a fun way to figure… and breathe… relax, but to also help stop the hoarders from overstocking. Why not try it for yourselves and – let us know how accurate you find it (or not.) Sage advice from the Dutch Prime Minister today, ‘as he tells citizens to relax, saying there’s enough toilet paper for 10 years‘ Toby Sterling for Reuters.

Elsewhere in the news here’s our round up for the week, the toilet paper talk keeps on unravelling and is rather taking over from the somewhat more important stuff that’s going on, but we’ll get back to that next week!

  1. From Forbes, an article by Joan Olek ‘It’s Not Just Toilet Paper and Sanitizer: Consumers Are Also Stocking Up On Cannabis.
  2. As we’d already suggested, an alternative and potential option seems to have taken off… Bidet Sales Surge! reports Lisa Boone of the Los Angeles Times.
  3. Another of our predictions and warnings was about the wrong kind of paper (and other things that shouldn’t be put in the toilet) Erin Reilly writes for Stuff with Backyard Banter
  4. Emma Nobel for ABC Ballarat looks back through history to connect with the present, Coronavirus toilet paper stockpiling frenzy ignores our long history without the soft stuff
  5. Enema of the People? As some people have started flushing their colons with coffee, the answer is no, people do not need those kind of enemas.  Elemental’s Dana G Smith explains why, ‘Coffee enemas, colonics, and perineum sunning are not good ideas.’
  6. On a happier note, we discuss quite a lot about Animals Poop in one of the three children’s books we’ve written, so this article by Anne Cameron Siegal for The Washington Post is just perfect… ‘River Otters and the Poop Dance.’

Kaust Discovery recently wrote, ‘With about half the world’s population living close to the coast, using seawater to flush toilets could be possible with a salt-tolerant bacterium.‘ this passed us by but it’s an important potential breakthrough that we’re going to follow closely (see photo, top of page.) On a final note, we’re looking forward to being featured in TWM [Tissue World Magazine] pencilled for their April edition and will be sure to publish the article when it goes online.

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