Turn your toilet paper into a wet wipe + other news & views on loos & no. 2s

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TP 3Ps Bidets and Wet Wipes. We’ve talked a lot about bidets and toilet paper over the past few weeks as the wash or wipe Q&A has become a hot topic with sales of bidets sky-rocketing. An important message that came out of the misinformation about a ‘toilet paper shortage’ was the ‘only flush the 3Ps” [poop, pee & (toilet) paper] warning that was flagged up as people started using kitchen roll, tissues and perhaps the worst offender, wet wipes as alternatives and in doing so clogging up the sewers or posing a risk to aquatic life. It’s worth considering that although some wipes claim to be biodegradable/compostable all is not as it seems. If you’re buying eco disposables to reduce your landfill footprint, I’m afraid you may be misled. Unfortunately none are 100% biodegradable or compostable via the toilet, only if added to your home composting buckets. The Cheeky Panda brand are one of the few to make this point fairly clear and are high on our trustworthiness list. If wipes are flushed away and pass through the (sewer) system, they will still end up lingering in landfills [it’s the ‘ for how long?’ that’s relevant] and/or as mentioned before they will potentially cause damage to marine life.

In an effort to change al this The Marine Conservation Society called for retailers to ensure their wet wipes have either passed the fine-to-flush standard and have the logo on the pack or are clearly labelled with ‘do not flush‘ to help consumers make the right choices. In the UK in conjunction with Water UK. Manufacturers can now apply for a ‘Fine to Flush‘ certification. For further details check here. There’s another set of certifications to look out for which can be seen in the Eco by Naty range, including a ‘flushable’ wet wipe. The best solution is to not flush any wipes down the toilet – put them in the compost or worst case, use the bin.

Turn your Toilet Paper into a Wet Wipe. This leads us onto the safest options and products that are able to ‘Turn your Toilet Paper into a Wet Wipe’, with the added advantage that they’re generally lightweight and portable. Let’s begin with Fohm Co which offers a wonderful option that can be used to turn tp into wet wipes for big bums or even babies bums, ‘Get the most out of your TP.’ As they say in the blurb, ‘Dry toilet paper is the worst. Use too little, and you won’t feel clean. Use too much, and risk skin irritation. People are adding Fohm to their toilet paper so they can use less TP and still feel ridiculously clean.’ Perfect!

Then there’s another, Bippy (who also produce eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper) and have a ‘toilet paper foam‘ which they wittily describe as follows, ‘You’ll wonder how you pooped without it. Clean what dry toilet paper can’t reach. Transform toilet paper into a soothing wet wipe that deep cleans your butt without any iffy chemicals or micro-plastic fibres.’ Many of you are already familiar with the ‘SquattyPotty‘ which is literally ‘a stool accessory‘ as it helps you to poop easier [btw, we have patents pending for a ‘fitted’ version’ contact us for details]. They also do an aptly named foam, ‘Toilet Paper Foam‘ which includes aloe vera and witch hazel. Pristine in the USA shows how good their ingredients are and how safe it is to use. In the UK look out for ‘FreshX‘ a tissue spritz that has botanicals and vitamins, ‘Kind to You, Kind to Our Planet.‘ We’ve just ordered some and love their variety pack option (see below) – we’ll report back later! Q. How do I use toilet paper spray?

  1. Fold toilet paper once, or twice if necessary.
  2. Hold toilet paper spray about 2 inches from toilet paper.
  3. Spray 3-5 times.
  4. Flush – it won’t clog the pipes…

But wet wipes aren’t solely for bottoms as anyone who uses a cleansing wipes, antibacterial wipes, hand or even floor wipes to name but a few will know. Basically our key message is don’t put them in the toilet, but our secondary and equally important message is look for alternatives in all cases. Talking toilets, if you’ve ever seen a fatberg you’ll quickly see the problem we’re all facing. Then imagine facing a fatberg, then hopefully that image will inspire new thinking ;). We could expand further on the whole topic, but who better to explain the history, present and future of wet wipes than Friends of the Earth click on this article, ‘Wet wipes: keeping them out of our seas (and sewers)‘ for an insightful and comprehensive explanation and to see just how the ‘biodegradable’ rings true (or not) when choosing brands.

Finally, back to our usual round up of the news and views on loos and no. 2s…

  1. The origin of the faeces‘ Inverse’s Nina Pullano looks at the role of science, poop and fossil scanning in unearthing the hidden mysteries of human evolution. ‘The evolution of the ablution?
  2. Back in 2018 Samira Far realised that the toilet paper industry was looking somewhat dated and dusty, with major brands mainly competing on softness factor. Her thought, ‘What about reliability, crumble, additive free paper, or plastic free packaging?‘ Her answer… was to start ‘No.2an exciting brand of toilet paper that addresses all of the above with love and passion thrown in for free, offering a perfect marriage of luxury, convenience, and sustainability.
  3. On that very topic, in a recent Pitchbook Blog, they checked out ‘4 other sustainable toilet tissue startups that are ‘on a roll.
  4. We mentioned toilet accessories too, NYMagazine | Strategist and Lauren Shwartzberg looked at their emergence, (all of a sudden) around 3 years ago… most are thriving and have seen a surge in sales ever since. ‘Six poop sprays that help say goodbye to smelly poops.’
  5. As we’re talking alternatives today, NBC Bay Area recently did a great piece on ‘Toilet Paper Alternatives‘ check out their video, it’s kinda corny but in a good way… as you’ll see 🙂
  6. How toilet paper is made‘ a youtube video that takes us through the process is quite an eye opener…
  7. ‘It is possible that toilet paper shortages have simply accelerated a trend that was already gaining ground.’ Bidets are big ‘down under’ as sales jump in Australia. Caroline Baum for The GuardianRoyal Flush‘ checks it out.
  8. What about cleaning the toilets themselves you may ask? Well here’s a couple of links to the answers you may seek. Firstly, from Country & Town House, ‘3 Natural Bathroom Cleaners for Your Home‘ by Rebecca Cox. The bigger list comes from Pebble Magazine,New eco-friendly and plant based cleaning brands on the market. These plastic free, natural and vegan cleaning options.’
  9. Here’s something we’ve not mentioned before, made by Roca, it combines a sink + toilet to save water. It’s an ‘interesting’ design and forward thinking solution. Discover the W+W basin and toilet one piece in this video from when they first launched that award-winning new solution for the bathroom. We’d love to hear how sales are going? Maybe the next combo is the basin-toilet-bidet? [could add it to our list of ideas that are patent pending;)]
The Roca W + W Sink & Toilet Combo

As many of you know, the 22nd April was Earth Day, it’s 50th anniversary and amongst the serious messages was a great spoof (although I’d say many a true word is spoken in jest) saying ‘It’s best to fold [TP] rather than to wad, ‘see it here!’ That brings us onto next week when we’ll unravel many of the best, or best known, toilet papers and which is really the best for the environment and most eco-friendly in the manufacturing process. We’ll also take another look at toilets that are either water savers or life savers, in areas where basic sanitation and access to water are practically non existent. Meanwhile, wishing you all a good week ahead.

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