Children’s Author

Whether it’s a book, stanzas, cheeky one-liners on product packaging, an ad, billboard, brand copy or anything about loos, number twos and taboos I’m always looking for new ways to put it out there.

Being passionate about toilet jokes, inherently skilled at innuendo and making use of humour, I create delightful, educational and engaging experiences for kids & adults.

It’s my thing.

  • I give a crap: I love my work because it can make the world a better place and help kids talk through stuff that matters to them and answers their questions. Through my books, puns and indirect education the aim is to simply get the message out there.
  • Wordplay is my day to day: I double up on the entendres and never pass on the puns. Want the words in pictures? I work with an award-winning illustrator Keenan Hopson – together we’re, ‘Hendriksen & Hopson’.
  • Ideas, ideas, ideas:  Day and night, but when it comes to ones and twos, toilets and taboos the possibilities are endless.
  • Getting people to laugh makes me happy!: Did you hear the one about? What are we saying here, of course I did, I’m a Dad! One liners, wordplay, observational jokes and stanzas are my second language.
  • Eye Rolls, heavy sighs, slow claps, yawning: Yer, I’ll take it and suck it up until you get the pun you seek that we can love and laugh about together.

Blah, blah, blah… you get the gist.

Get in touch… or come visit us at the office.
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