ABC of Opera Productions Ltd.


Peri, Mozart, Beethoven, Blow, Handel, Wagner, Rossini, Verdi, Bellini, Puccini, Donizetti, Lully and all of the other world famous opera composers presented us with an idea for a 500 year old history but an infinite future,  ‘Teaching & Inspiring Kids about Opera and Music.

[all images copyright 2018 | Karl Davies]


They’ve all offered us free access to their music & stories. They all come with us to school classrooms across the uk to tell their story. They’ve given us carte blanche to tell their stories, and play with their characters & eccentricities. They have all allowed us permission to adapt their music & opera stories into books, and a fun & contemporary modern stage show for children & families to enjoy.


Mark Llewelyn Evans’ and thewhole ABC of Opera Productions Ltd. team has gathered together the entire Academy of Barmy Composers to tell their stories, so they’re all in full swing on a series of booksschool workshops, preparing for our film, tv, animation, licensing & branding opportunities, and the latest news is a stage show, written by Mark Llewelyn Evans, and we’re hoping to get Terry Deary [Horrible Histories] on board too.

(The composers all forgot to organise this for themselves all those years ago! But, they were rather busy and Terry wasn’t available then either…)

Lucky us huh!… want to know more, to support us, or join our team? Contact us today.

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See and hear about ABC of Opera at school workshops, the following clip is from early 2018ABCofOperaWorkshops2017|2018





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