Author Children’s Books on Loos, No. 2s and Taboos

Mark has recently written four children’s books due for publication in 2020/2021 endorsed by best selling author Terry Deary [Horrible Histories] “Taboo is a ground-breaking story that explores a subject that is too often taboo in polite society – but shouldn’t be. It’s told with a wit and verve that will appeal to both young readers and their parents. Funny and factual.”

To find out more or to get involved in publishing or working together with this or other of the four books and/or content please contact us.

copyright Mark Hendriksen | Keenan Hopson
copyright Mark Hendriksen | Keenan Hopson

Background: Prior to writing the four children’s books Mark also worked on the ABC of Opera ‘The Academy of Barmy Composers’ written by Mark Llewelyn Evans, illustrated by Karl Davies and published by Graffeg UK, book one in a series of four – Mark is currently a director of ABC of Opera. He also helped to design and publish the first four in a series of children’s books entitled, ‘The Manor House Stories‘ and endorsed by Julian Fellowes. He wrote and designed ‘The Guide & History of Old Perithia, Corfu’s Oldest Village‘ and was chosen as the contract publisher for, ‘The Official Guide to Wimbledon AELTC Museum and Grounds.‘ Originally, Mark’s history was in publishing travel and tourism magazines which he set up back in 1995, titles included; ‘The Best of Britain‘, ‘The London Guide‘ [now ‘The London Planner‘] IN London, IN NY, IN Paris, ‘Best of‘ European series, ‘WHERE MapsUK in NY‘ and after which, at the time of its sale to MVP in the USA, it acquired WHERE Magazines and became the world’s largest tourism guide publisher. Since then he moved into children’s books and magazines, as a director of b3 creative and most recently as an author.

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