‘Henders’ because there have been many nicknames over the years… Jimmy (Hendrix), Marko, Hendy, Hendroid, Hendo, H and Henders to name but a few. Mark’s experience has been wide ranging, primarily with a 25 year career in publishing.

Present Day | Books for Children:

Mark has recently written two (of three) fun and educational children’s books aimed at 7-13yr olds, about which Terry Deary [Horrible Histories] has commented “Splendid in both concept and execution”. Due for publication in 2019/2020, working titles ‘Animals Poo and We Do Too’ & ‘Everything You Ought to Know About the Toilet (but never thought to ask)’…  Further details through his agent Jon Fowler Media. He also has a weekly blog The Daily Poo! which you can find posted on the home page.

He’s been involved in kids books for some time, including recently working on  The Academy of Barmy Composers by ABC of Opera Productions Ltd.

A series of 4 children’s books, the first of which ‘Baroque’ was written by Mark LE, illustrated by Karl Davis and first published in April 2019. ABC of Opera Ltd. encompasses a cross curriculum school workshop programme across the UK along with the books and a future stage shows & musical events. The idea evolved from the imagination of Mark Llewelyn Evans and the original R&D for the stage show was supported and endorsed by Welsh National Opera and Arts Council WalesMark Hendriksen is a founding Director, along with Sue Roberts, and Vivienne Creevey). 

In addition, Mark is an associate director at b3creative, a specialist publishing house, mainly contract publishing, within the specialist area of children and kids of all ages. The company was founded by James Marsh, who has worked in children’s media for over 20 years – including stints as editor of Young Telegraph, Meg@ and Disney’s Big Time, and as a writer on The Funday Times and The Telegraph’s teenage T2 section. James has also worked in video, theatre, film and TV, and is the author of four children’s books.

Mark helped as a mentor for Shanty Productions co owned by Adam Smethurst and Raike Ayola [‘Half God of Rainfall’ Best Female Actor in a Play, Black Theatre Awards 2019] with their exciting new contemporary film and viewtorials for ‘A Twelfth Night’ by William Shakespeare directed by Adam (now available on i-tunes & amazon prime.) The film, starring Sheila Atim,  provides the potential portal for a whole new approach to teaching Shakespeare, with an interactive app. in production for schools & educators worldwide. Here’s the link to the trailer

Publishing Background:

After an initial background in retail having completed the Executive Training Course at Harrods, Mark went on to various entrepreneurial ventures and has subsequently been in publishing for over 25 years. He started by bringing a creative new approach to publishing for the travel & tourism market and within 3 years grew his company to be one of the UK’s leading providers of tourism & high end brand publications (including introducing the first ‘handbag’ sized magazine which combined tourism with luxury shopping.] In late 2001 Mark sold his company to Morris Visitor Publications (MVP) which established it as the largest publisher of visitor magazines in the world.

Mark has since worked as an independent publisher for the travel industry, tourism, children, arts & education and is also an Associate Director at b3creative, a leading children’s publishing specialist. His publishing company was selected to produce the ‘Official Souvenir Guide to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum & Grounds.‘ A few years ago he ventured into children’s books, designed and published 3 books from a lost & abandoned idea of stories for young children, which received a foreword and the support of Julian Fellowes. As a passion project Mark also wrote  The Official Guide to Old Perithia Corfu’s Oldest Village with over 5000 copies sold to date… and where he and his wife have been the catalyst to its revival.

Mobile Interaction & QR: Back in 2005 Mark spent 3 years at the forefront (a little too far ahead of the curve it turned out) of the emerging development of mobile interaction, with the first app that turned your mobile phone into a 1, 2 & 3D QR|DM code reader simply by pointing your phone at a code, on screen or in print. Having branded UpCode and created their initial logo, marketing & sales campaigns, and their slogan ‘ignite your imagination.‘ The adoption of this technology has subsequently been prolific, and implemented worldwide for everything from tracking, to ticketing & travel, brand info, marketing, mobile payments and brand protection. This is now commonly used throughout the world.

Parents & Patents: Mark spends his time in the UK with his wife Saskia, a Dutch Voice Over, and their two children Gemma, who’s an Event Coordinator for Momentum Worldwide  & Christiaan who’s studying at the Philip Gaulier School in France. In addition to the publishing co., Mark also has patents pending [since July 2018] for a design change to help improve the healthcare of billions of people around the world [see the blog page 17.08.2018] Hence his interest in matters of poop etc.

The Merchant’s House*: Since 2009 Mark has also worked between London & Corfu, where he and his wife purchased, restored and created, the first B&B on the island – that soon became one of Greece’s Top 25 Places to Stay [TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award Winner 2016-2018] and has just received the Booking.com Guest Award with an exceptional 9,8/10. The Merchant’s House is located in Corfu’s oldest mountain village, Old Perithia, an historic ‘Heritage Protected Village.’ In a ‘Designated Area of Natural Beauty.

Over the past 8 years they have been gently bringing back to life, achieving many awards and accolades from the international press including; the London Evening Standard ‘Homes & PropertyGREC14N Official Magazine of Fraport Airports, The ‘Best Hotels in Greece’ Telegraph Travel, The Independent, Times Travel, DKChoice Eyewitness Guide Corfu, Fodor’s, RoughGuides, BA Highlife, Easyjet Traveller, LonelyPlanet, Great Small Hotels in Greece and ITV‘s Corfu ‘A tale of two islands’ to name but a few. The village, Mark & Saskia are featured in episode 2 of a new ITV series in Jan 2020 ‘Greek islands with Julia Bradbury‘. 

To find out what people say about Mark (and his wife Saskia) and the B&B follow this link… TripAdvisorReviews

Charities: Mark is also a Trustee of the Patrick & Helena Frost Foundation, and on the advisory Board of The Anglo-Netherlands Society. He has been involved in a number of charities and events for over 25 years.

*The property is now operating as an airbnb and is currently for sale through RoulaRouva Corfu and Aylesford International in London, as featured in Evening Standard  Homes & Property 11th July 2018

Are you still here?

Okay, then here’s more info… Mark does Yoga, late 2019 did a Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia! He loves London, cycles (to coffee shops) bakes traditional sourdough, makes kimchi,  loves theatre, loves cats & dogs, walks a lot, loves seeing his ‘kids’, can’t sit still for too long, loves people, loves eating out but, equally loves cooking, loves films, music, London, and is getting more and more into opera, loves finding solutions to problems, is an entrepreneur and keeps inventing things, oh… and does some charity stuff too as mentioned above.

During Mark’s long career, in no particular order… he also created the first Pet Superstore concept for the UK ‘PetCare Stores,’ introduced and sold ‘Chuck-its’ to numerous dog owners, had sole distribution for Vasu [a flat vase] in association with DZD (in Tottenham Court Road,) was the first Gentile to train staff & sell duty free cosmetics and perfumes in Ben Gurion airport [Tel Aviv, Israel], was one of the youngest mens clothes buyers in the UK at 21, worked at The Evening Standard on new homes & commercial property, was a top 50 salesman in the UK for Audi/VW, has sold taxis, buses (and almost) caravans to Japan, worked as an allocator at an outsize dress manufacturers in Brixton and was offered the opportunity to take over the business, organised transport logistics for UBM Pratt logistics, worked in and ran various pubs.

Attempted to be a roller skater waiter in Tel Aviv, made gold jewellery, received an NDC in Retail Distributive Trades,  was the buyer for, ran and managed a chain of high end menswear high stores, was social chairman of the Chorleywood Cricket Club and occasionally still plays for the Chorleywood Strollers (used to play hockey at Rickmansworth Hockey Club) also played 5-a-side football at Arsenal indoor ground with a bunch of showbiz guys, was Hon Sec, and is on the advisory board of the Anglo-Netherlands Society, a Trustee of the P&HFF, had many ‘travels with my aunt’ and probably a few more things that may still spring to mind.

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