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Happy #RandomActsOfKindnessDay | Welcome back and thanks for following our posts. It’s been a busy few weeks working on the third children’s book on our toilets and poo series for kids, as well as progressing with the patents we have to help people go to the loo more easily. As and when we are able to share more on this you will be the first to know! Meanwhile, let’s look back at the week’s best articles and stories on the world of poo and no. 2s… This week we go deeper on the question of wash or wipe, the environmental impact and the why’s and wherefores!

  1. Prevention’s Korin Miller explains the 17 Best Foods to Help You Poop When You’re Constipated, According to Experts. ‘Go with the Flow!’
  2. Columbia students: Consider alternative methods for bathroom hygiene. In other words we’re taking another look at the Wash vs Wipe question… from the Columbia Daily Spectator.
  3. Seems that experts agree with the washers more than wipers. Is the way we clean our bums about to turn back in favour of washing? Article by  Khoo Bee Khim of CNA Lifestyle.
  4. Toilet Paper vs the Bum Gun! Which one is Better? …asks The Thaiger.
  5. We’re Destroying Virgin Forests For Toilet Paper – What Are The Alternatives? Carolyn Fortuna for Clean Technica takes a look at the options.
  6. Apparently Reusable Toilet Paper Is A Thing And I Have Many, Many Questions. If the wash or wipe question is boggling your mind, wait ’til you read this about reusable wipes! Abbey Lenton reports for 10 Daily Lifestyle.
  7. Sheep Poo and human skin. The latest sources of antibiotic alternatives, by Colm Gorey for SiliconRepublic.
  8. Is This New York City’s Nicest Public Bathroom? …by Winnie Hu for the New York Times. ‘Don’t we all want a nice public bathroom when out and about!?’
  9. ‘What Tiny Snail Poop Could Mean For Latin America’s Coffee Farms’, by Luke Fater of Atlas Obscura. The Snail that could help save your favourite cup of coffee!
  10. NetDoctor explains… ‘What causes poo or bum burn after spicy food?

On that happy note, let’s put all these articles behind us. We look forward to publishing the next edition of ‘The Daily Poo!’ same time next week. Random act of kindness? Don’t leave anyone an empty toilet roll – replace it! 🙂

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‘The Daily Poo!’ Latest News + Did you know that 25% of the world still has no access to basic sanitation!?

In last week’s edition of ‘The Daily Poo!’ we mentioned the global problems that remain a major issue for the people they impact, ie the sanitation and hygiene (or lack of it) in many areas of the world, along with lack of access to clean water or any water at all. There are many statistics bandied around, which can be somewhat confusing and blur the distinction between the various issues that need addressing, so let’s try and unravel the stats and give you a clearer picture on what’s really happening out there.

Key organisations in working to resolve the above problems include; The World Toilet Organisation set up by a guy called Jack Sim on November 19 2001 [also, World Toilet Day]. This is aligned to the United Nations who work closely with Jack on their sustainable development goals along with efforts to end open defecation. The World Health Organisation [WHO], UNICEF and The Bill Gates Foundation are other major influences, and the list is growing, as this rather ‘taboo’ subject dramatically affects both people, and the environment around the globe.

  1. The World Population was approx. 7.6 billion as at end of 2018 according to data from The World Bank, which aligns with the figure given by the United Nations. You can read the country by country split on the above link.
  2. 2 billion people still have no access to basic sanitation such as toilets or latrines, that’s around 25% of the world population! Of these, 673 million still defecate in the open, for example in street gutters, behind bushes or into open bodies of water. [WHO]
  3. Inadequate sanitation means that around 827,000 deaths annually from people in low and middle-income countries as a result of inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene each year. Poor sanitation also contributes to malnutrition. [WHO]
  4. More than 80 per cent of wastewater (resulting from human activities) is discharged into rivers or sea without any pollution removal. [UN]
  5. At the current time, more than 2 billion people are living with the risk of reduced access to freshwater resources and by 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a country affected by chronic or recurring shortages of fresh water. [UN]
  6. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, sanitation rated as “safe for people” increased by only three percent worldwide over the last five years.
  7. Globally, 26% of health care facilities did not have basic water services in 2016. [WASH]

All of this data simply touches the surface on a problem that many of us neither experience, nor read much about. It is something that needs to be urgently addressed and the likes of Jack Sim and The World Toilet Organisation getting greater attention, media coverage and support.

Finally let’s end on a brief round up of other news from the world of loos and no. 2s from ‘The Daily Poo!‘ So, here are a few links to the most recent articles:

  1. The Whale Poop that’s worth more than your car!
  2. How Sea Urchin Poop Could Fight Climate Change.
  3. Top tip for Tourists in New Zealand: Dig a hole for your poop.
  4. What’s the Difference Between Toilet Paper and Tissue?
  5. Russian artist rings in new year with huge rat sculpture… made of poop!
  6. Further to our mention of Aesop Post Poo-Drops in the last blog, here’s an article that gives them the thumbs up, and odour down…

On which note… have a great week and we’ll catch up again with all the latest news and views from the loo in ‘The Daily Poo!’

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‘The Daily Poo!’ Highlights and humour from the past few week of ‘potty talk’…

While awaiting further news on the publication of my ‘poo books’ for kids and all ages + as my agent is away promoting the Andrew Ridgeley book signing, ‘Wham! George & Me’ I’ve been scrolling through the usual sources to find some of the best articles from this past week and others that have resurfaced.

This week’s selection includes health matters, caring for your toilet and more toilet paper and wash or wipe Q&A’s, oh and Halloween of course… enjoy! More poo news next week from ‘The Daily Poo!’…the blog on the bog.

  1. Are you a runner? Well, this is the reason why you may have the urge to poop while running… 
  2. 14 Healthy Foods That Help You Poop!
  3. Let’s talk about poop to the kids, a few need to knows that ought to be discussed.
  4. and, talking shit for adults too…
  5. Toyota cars could run on cow poo… now that’s stepping on the gas 🙂 !
  6. Lifting the lid on Japan’s poo museum – in pictures… 
  7. Not Washing Your Hands After You Poop Is More Dangerous Than Eating Raw Meat – Here’s Why…
  8. Humorous video urges you to show your toilet some love) as per the article in last week’s blog) Why the toilet isn’t a trash can!
  9. Happy Halloween, it may not be the scariest costume, but most people will run a mile.

Here’s a Halloween Pumpkin Poop recipe… and wishing you all a Happy Halloween 2019 – see you next week!


Posture in the bathroom. The Guardian and the question of sit or squat.

Helping sanitary ware manufacturers to improve their bottom line or millions of people to save their bottoms?

If, as seems evident and is well documented, a change in posture can, and does, make a difference when you use the loo, then it’s time to ditch the idea of a plastic footrest which simply cannot go mainstream and help enough people. It’s time for the manufacturers to integrate an attractive bathroom accessory that blends seamlessly with any surrounding and offers a lifetime of health benefits for less than a 1 month gym membership .

We’ve got the patents pending for just such a range of products – and we’re out there looking for a licensee to capitalise on the opportunity and help millions of people with their health and wellbeing, from potty training to adulthood, and that’s not all that it can do to improve peoples lifestyles – interested in talking to us? info@eazyposture.com


British Patent Application No. GB 1811698.7 Albright IP | Mark Hendriksen 2018

It’s not just about the bottom line, it’s also about your bottom. Are you sitting comfortably?

When, or rather if, we discuss going to the loo it’s generally either with your partner and it’s personal, with your friends and mates but its humour, or with your doctor, because you have a problem.

Loo talk is generally taboo, but it may be about time to change all that, or at least make it an acceptable topic of conversation. Truth is, sanitary ware manufacturers, yes the people that make all the stuff you find in your bathroom, including the loo, are focussing more on ‘the bottom line’ than they are about your bottom.

Thank goodness for that you’re thinking, and anyway how would they see my bottom without having a series of law suits being filed against them? Well, that’s not quite my point. What I’m talking about is more to do with your health, in particular health issues relating to sitting on the toilet (aka ‘the throne.’)

Mums and dads have probably been telling you forever, that it’s bad to spend too long on the loo, and they’re right of course. So that’s probably the message you impart to your own children.

Straining isn’t good – you’ll recognise the kind of outcomes of straining that we’re discussing here; haemorrhoids (piles) and/or constipation, hernias and pelvic organ disorders incl. prolapse, or worse, colon cancer and even heart attacks. But that’s not solely to do with spending too much time on the loo. There’s a reason that begins way way back many centuries ago (that’s not a cue to sing the intro song from Joseph by the way) it’s a plain fact.

Quite a few of you will know this, or will almost certainly say, ‘yer, that’s right, of course!’ on hearing this… we, the human race, were designed to squat. Let’s face it, in times of emergency we’ve probably all squatted outside behind the bushes and completed the task in record time, thus avoiding bumping into a stray dog walker or other potential embarrassing scenarios.

The reason things speed up and slide out with such ease, is because you’re actually back in the correct posture to achieve the end goal. In other words, sitting kinks your colon and makes it more difficult to go. What actually happened when the first sit down system was invented (centuries before Thomas Crapper then mistakenly took the title of inventor of the loo) was nothing! What do I mean nothing I hear you ask over the hissing and booing about my seemingly discrediting Mr Crapper?

Well, the answer is simple and the subject so ancient, that one the question everyone should have asked over all of these years, has only recently been put out there, ‘Where was the research and backing of such a dramatic posture change that changed the way many from the world of squatters did their business? It’s taboo has unintentionally left a legacy of problems for generation upon generation.

There’s heaps and heaps of research to support this fact, and wide ranging agreement from doctors to osteopaths across the ‘sit down’ globe, that sitting simply isn’t how nature intended us to evacuate. The same specialists also confirm the impact it has on your health and, with osteopaths and yoga teachers pointing out that it also impacts your flexibility and agility throughout your life.

Picture the squatting nations (not squatting on the loo, that’s not quite the picture I wanted to put in your head) but picturing the fact that they can sit in a squat position, comfortably and easily for anything up to and beyond 10 minutes. Ask most ‘thronees’ if they can do that? Unless they do yoga or are exercising a lot, probably not, and as people get older, it becomes even more difficult. Especially if you gave up squatting from the moment you had your first triumphant sit on the potty, when you were in the 2s and 3s.

What’s my point? I’d advised you not to spend too much time on the loo, and I’ve been on it, metaphorically speaking, for far too long. In fact it’s such an fascinating subject, covering so many things; design, history, culture, comedy, hygiene, engineering, mechanics, etc. etc., that I could go on, but back to the point.

The point is, as was revealed to me by a leading expert in the field of sanitary ware, that manufacturers aren’t interested in changing the designs of your wall or floor mounted toilet(s) to enable you to sit better, they’re more interested in the bottom line. Unless they begin to realise the cost to individuals, the burden on the healthcare services, the far-reaching consequences of their inaction, then many of you can kiss your arse goodbye!

Angle35In the USA a few years back, on their equivalent of Dragon’s Den, there was a pitch to get funding for a plastic step, that enables you to raise your feet to a 35 degree angle whilst sitting. That product was funded instantaneously. Its adoption has resulted in sales reaching close to $33 million this year. It’s helping millions of people but it’s not a common feature in today’s bathrooms.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, there’s a lot of taboo about the loo. So, a plastic stool (foot stool that is, for those with their toilet funny bone still intact) is not the aesthetically discreet solution the majority of us would prefer to choose. In saying that I must congratulate and fully support the remarkable owners/inventors of the ‘squattypotty’ for helping so many people and continuing to innovate and design.

This year, I patented a number designs that use common bathroom materials and features to wrap neatly around the toilet with simple chrome fittings and an attractive look, to seamlessly blend with most bathroom designs and to your raise legs, not eyebrows, when you visit your or any other bathroom.  What’s the reaction to this so far, in spite of there being quite a simple, cost effective and attractive solution? Effectively…

‘We’re not interested in fixing this problem because it doesn’t help our bottom line.’

In fact, I strongly disagree. It would help their bottom line, and as people are educated about the right posture and how easy it is to alleviate and avoid potential or current problems – they may find they have a great selling opportunity, as well as being honest and caring for their customers. I was bought up to believe that’s what made an average company, a truly great company.

For those of you who don’t experience any problems, thanks for reading this and hope it provided a useful insight. For those of you who do suffer, and for future generations, and for the health of the nation and other nations who sit, it’s time to fight for our squatters rights!!

by Mark Hendriksen [copyright, HendriksenPublishing 09.2018 First published 10.09.2018]

With thanks to Giulia Enders for the inspiration from her best selling book, ‘The Gut’ and to Albright IP in Cheltenham, Gloucs UK for their help and guidance through the patenting process. Additionally to all the bookshops and researchers who have provided me with a wealth of information in support of the need to squat, along with some great toilet humour and remarkable facts about our most private room and the history of its many functional furnishings.