The next chapter for my old publishing company as Wanderlust teams up with Morris Visitor Publications…

The recent Press Release announces the merger of Morris Visitor Publications Europe with Wanderlust Publications Ltd. The enlarged company will be renamed Think Travel and will be jointly owned by Think Publishing Ltd and Morris Communications. Think Travel Brands. The combined company will comprise:
• Wanderlust Travel Media
• Where London
• London Planner
• Where Paris
• Think Travel Intelligence
• Think Travel Content Marketing
• IN London

Back in 2001 Morris Communications acquired my independent publishers and the titles, The London Guide, the be IN series [the first travel guides to combine luxury brands and tourism] and the BEST of Britain, subsequently rebranding be IN as IN London, IN NY, IN Paris etc. The London Guide merged to become The London Planner. They then went on to buy WHERE 2 years after and I stepped down as CEO & Publisher in 2003. Many of the original team remained, a few have joined Wanderlust for the new joint venture and we wish them all every success!

The latest news on the Toilet in our new Toilet Paper… ‘The Daily Poo!’

‘The Daily Poo!’

Though more and more people talk about it these days, the time has come to get down and dirty on this whole business, of your business!

Having written 2 books so far on Poop & The History of the Toilet (awaiting publication) and with a 3rd in the pipeline for early 2020… plus, having got patents pending on designs to make it easier to do no. twos and… various other health benefits – this seems like the perfect time. An opportunity to tell all, but with the usual and expected toilet humour that simply has to accompany the topic, as per the recent theft from Blenheim Palace.

Many of you would have read about the theft of a £4.8m loo from Blenheim Palace, the throne in question was made out of solid gold – though if you look carefully at the photos, the toilet roll and toilet roll holder were left behind, in fact they looked totally out of place beside such a fine toilet, as did the flooring. Visitors were recently being invited to book three-minute slots to use the throne for its intended purpose.

Visitors were encouraged to take a selfie and share with the hashtags #americaatblenheim and #cattelanatblenheim – pity the thieves didn’t do the same! At last we have a real version of the joke about the stolen toilet, and… ‘the police have nothing to go on!’ Look out for next week’s blog when ‘The Daily Poo!’ reveals the best of what’s going on in the world of WC’s!

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