“The Academy of Barmy Composers” out now…

The first book in the @ABCofOpera series by @MarkLlew: Baroque. Go on an adventure with Megan & Jack as Professor Peri takes them back to where the world of Opera began… With fun, lively illustration from @KarlWelshArtist. Published by Graffeg @graffeg_books Pre-order: http://bit.ly/2YT9h0j 

It’s almost three years since Mark & Mark hooked up on and began progressing Mark E’s ABC of Opera idea, and the story writing, story lines, construction, editing, ideas, rhymes, laughter, endless fun, discussions, planning, brainstorming, interaction and fine tuning. Ending in a book deal, and Arts Council of Wales grant. So, I’m delighted that at last Mark has now published Book one ‘Baroque’ with Graffeg UK ( no. 1 in a series of 4) from ‘The Academy of Barmy Composers‘ (as seen above). The book goes on sale from 26th April 2019, and comes with a great endorsement from Terry Deary [Horrible Histories] & Sir Bryn Terfel. Available now on Amazon and at all good bookshops…A

Since the inception of ABC of Opera , Mark H collaborated with Mark E on the book, formerly a stage show script, additionally providing advice and guidance on publishing, preparing presentations, projections, design and branding. He has worked closely with Mark on a day to day basis, guiding the multitude of ideas both strategically and to a workable format. Mark E & Mark H have also worked together on and off since their first meeting back in 2001, when they first met in New York. Mark H subsequently financially supported Mark’s first CD release (with his brother Wynne Evans) entitled ‘Fratello’ and released back in 2003.

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