‘The Daily Poo!’ Latest news on the toilet & poop…

Good morning from Bali in Indonesia. Before picking the highlights of the past week or so… here’s a great idea for all public toilets and peoples healthcare & selfcare (spotted in the public toilets at the airport. But they ought to be everywhere!)

The colour of your urine, stay healthy & hydrated!

Okay, as promised the focus this week is on toilet paper & alternatives around the globe. ‘Wash or Wipe?’ That is the question and though so many people use toilet tissue – is that an issue? Trees or Bamboo, new ideas, better ideas or is it simply just better to wash your bits & butts… Here are some of the best articles:

  1. The daily-used product and how is it affecting our planet!
  2. The Peculiar Bathroom Habits of Westerners
  3. How’s it hanging? Do you hang in or hang out…
  4. Fine Hygienic Holding is reinventing the toilet roll. Filling a hole where there’s a gap in the market.
  5. Stinky situation: Managing toilets in the wilderness – a problem?
  6. All that Glitters is not Gold

Next week ‘The Daily Poo’ will be back in London, with more debate & scoops on the poop.

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