‘The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury’, episode 2 ‘Corfu’ first broadcast on 17th Jan 2020 20:00

copyright ITV|TwoFour | JuliaBradbury

You can now see last night’s episode as Julia visit Corfu in the series, ‘The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury.’ From cosmopolitan Corfu town, to the island’s oldest mountain villages [Old Perithia] and from sitting in one of its oldest olive trees (and growers) to ending up on the beach… of course! 🙂 No time to stay at The Merchant’s House … but next time! Thanks Julia, a great inspiration and beautiful insight into some of the hidden gems. Glad you got to meet the Queen bee too, amongst the millions of exceptionally calm bees in Old Perithia…

If you enjoyed seeing the village as it is today… following on from the series and last nights episode – a flashback to where it all began in regards to the village and a leap of faith :)… #Corfu #OldPerithia ITV back in 2012 when we had just restored the three houses and were opening the B&B after a substantial fire had nearly reached the village just as we were due to open at the end of the previous year…. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=3_9Xvx6n_vs

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