Books about Poop, plus the usual scoop on loos and no. 2s.

We have books, we’d love your help! As you may have gathered, we’ve been talking poop for close to two years now, and in that time Mark has written four children’s books on the subject, each covering different age groups for 3 yrs and stages up to 13 yrs. The fascination with poop, toilet humour and potty talk attracts practically all kids (and their parents.) The idea of the books is to engage, educate and entertain. Titles include, ‘All Animals Poo and We Do Too‘ (cover below), ‘It’s All About Poo‘, ‘Taboo Helps the World to Poo‘ and [working title] ‘Taboo talks Taboo… not just Farts, Pee and Poo!

Terry Deary [best selling author of Horrible Histories] wrote about one of Mark’s most recent books ‘Taboo Helps the World to Poo‘… “Taboo is a ground-breaking story that explores a subject that is too often taboo in polite society – but shouldn’t be. It’s told with a wit and verve that will appeal to both young readers and their parents. Funny and factual.

To find out more please contact Mark’s agent Jon Fowler at: jonfowlermedia

Book Cover, 'All Animals Poo & We Do Too'
Mark Hendriksen & Keenan Hopson: All Animals Poo and We Do Too
[2019 registered copyright under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988]

The world of loos and no. 2s’ Books that you might fancy dipping into. You may be surprised to read that there have been quite a few books about toilets and poop, butt they’re generally ‘one off’s.’ Usually because, unlike Mark’s, either the author writes on all sorts of topics and have happened to drop a poop book in the mix, or others have been published that are specifically more educational or historical. There are more books in the pipeline (or s-bend) due out this year, as the fascination and interest grows on the subject. Also, as an aid for potty training such as PenguinRandomHouse‘s upcoming publication ‘You Poop Here‘ written by Paul Meisel and due out in 2020. Another of Mark’s favourite topics, will be books that are written to discuss and break ‘taboos’ It’s an important topic and next week Mark is interviewed in Tissue World Magazine (circulation of 72,000) with his views on sustainability, toilet paper, predictions, observations, the environment and, of course, his books. The image below shows a selection of books on the very subject.

A selection of Poop Books past & present, incl. ‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders the conduit from Mark’s Sourdough Baking to book writing and the weekly posts for ‘The Daily Poo!’

That’s our shameless plug 😉 but all in all, it’s for a good cause… an effort to get the subject out there and helping young children to discuss and even younger ones with their first potty experiences, but also to highlight the fact that 25% of the world population still have no access to basic sanitation and/or water. If you want to help us achieve that do please get in touch.

Now onto a quick round up of the week’s news on loos and no. 2s….

  1. Staying on Animal Poo for a moment, from the LA Times ‘Cow poop could fuel California’s clean energy future‘ by Sammy Roth.
  2. Add some Animal Magic… ‘We Can’t Save the Rainforest Without Rainforest Animal Poop‘ from Slate, written by Louise Fabiani.
  3. Panda poo, ants and slugs could be the key to new green fuels.‘ Biomass Magazine
  4. Whilst on he topic of children & poop, ‘Why are Kids so obsessed with Poop?New York Times, Jenny Marder reports.
  5. As we have some time on our hands (hand sanitizer won’t get it off btw) take 5 mins to find out about, ‘The bug that poops candy‘ a great youtube from George Zaidan on TED-Ed.
  6. A quick interlude from loos and no. 2s to link to a quick heads up/ hands wash on sanitizing and hand sanitizers,. First, from Science Alert i.e. they need to be 60% plus alcohol to be effective. Also, from The Guardian a few weeks back, ‘Is sanitizer or hand washing most effective?‘ Plus the facts from who say hand washing is the best option [where/if possible] and the FDA Q&A.
  7. Whilst most major tissue/toilet paper manufacturers are seeing a jump in profits surrounding the TP hoarding episodes, PRWeek looks at ‘How 5 toilet paper brands are responding to complaints on social media.’
  8. To get to the bottom of our list for this week, a flashback which has flashed back to the news again as Adventure Rider shows it in action, ‘Toto’s Toilet Bike Neo‘ it runs on poop! If you think you’re seeing things, then perhaps this article from Leafy explains why, although they say it may help you poop, ‘Does cannabis make you poo?
  9. The History Channel with Crystal Ponti looks back at, ‘All the Ways We’ve Wiped: The History of Toilet Paper and What Came Before.’

We’ll be back next week and meantime will publish the Tissue World Magazine [TWM] article when it’s released on April 20th. Have a great weekend/week ahead.

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