‘Poosflash’ article from The Washington Post, ‘Our only good news: Toilet paper won’t run out.’

That’s what it says 😉 … Toilet Paper won’t run out!

copyright 2013 Ronald H. Blumer | MiddleMarch Media Press NY [cover image] Wiped

Here at ‘The Daily Poo!‘ we’ve got to know quite a few of the leading writers and commentators on matters of loos (toilets) and no. 2s (poops)… In light of the concerns we’ve been highlighting about not panic buying toilet paper in our weekly posts.

Here’s a great article by Ronald H. Blumer, author of ‘Wiped – The Curious History of Toilet Paper‘ writing for The Washington Post. His book (do look him up) was published by MiddleMarch Media Press back in 2013 and is interwoven with historical facts, heaps of information and humour.

As Mark at ‘The Daily Poo!‘ is also a children’s author on the topics of toilet paper and poop he writes to engage, educate and entertain on the subject, which, as with the author of ‘Wiped’, is close to his heart… to read the full article by RB about TP in The WP click here.

‘Wiped’ is available on Amazon

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